Anonymous said: I'm just wondering if you are going to update the rebloggble library anymore since the last update was a long time ago. If so then it will be wonderful to have a rec list of almost anything. And your work is amazing and you are awesome.

oh shit

umm….. ill try and work on it this weekend

im sorry ive been slacking guys, college is kicking my ass

Anonymous said: Do you have any ageplay or daddy kink fics? Thank you very much!

I do not, as I personally do not read those fics

anyone else have any?

Anonymous said: Hey, you wouldn't happen to be able to point me in the direction of some cop/firefighter AUs, would you? Either one firefighter/one cop or one firefighter or cop/one other? I saw the tag button on your page, but it's either broken or there isn't anything there. Thanks!

Its broken

i dont think i have any firefigher ones, anyone else got some?

oldladyfathands said: This is a massive long shot but ive been looking for this fic for months. Pre-misha so season 3 or before possibly a bigbang. Jenson moves next door to jared and finds out his parents abuse him, they got on a killing spree ala natural born killers 1/

I think it was called they, killer or i, killer or something like that and the art work was a white drop with a handprint in it possibly in black or red… Tha kyou xxxx

anyone got a link?

Oh wow I havent posted anything in almost a month.

Whoops! I am so sorry guys, my personal life has been incredibly hectic as of late (i leave for freshman year of college Thursday!) and Ive barely been reading fic.

I actually started a fic before GISHWHES and have not finished it yet, thats how bad its been! 

I didnt mean to disappear on you guys, and I hope to be back up and running within a week! (a 12 hour car ride/hotel stay should give me lots of time right?!)

chokechainralf said: Okay, hoping you can help me find a fic. Basically, it was a high school AU (based on a movie I think) where one of the boys was in theater and the other had a band but got into trouble and so was made to help out in the theater department. There was some kind of peer conflict and at one point they ended up taking a night drive out to the state border. I think one of them might have been religious as well...? Maybe? I can't seen to find it again though

Life is Fragile, Handle with Care

is that it?

Title: All Inclusive Travel Package
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4240

Summary: Jensen’s mostly interested in doing a whole lot of nothing on his vacation, but he’ll make an exception for the hot bartender who keeps making him drinks. Probably.

Kink: Size


Title: Stroke Number Seven

Rating: NC-17

Wordcount: 3,300 

Summary: Jensen and Jared row for the same club. A breakfast after a practice turns into something more.  

Kinks: exhibitionism


Title: The Circle of Us

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 31,463

Summary: Jared and Jensen have been friends since Kindergarten and Jensen fell for Jared without meaning too. But coming together, sharing everything for the first time, is the least of the challenges waiting for them in the not too distant future.


Title: The Radio Wedding Verse 
Rating: NC-17 
Word Count: 103,537

Summary: Jensen’s family attempt to find him a mystery bride as part of a radio contest. When Jared is the one that meets him at the altar, the two embark on a marriage that neither of them expected.